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Teaching in Beta MODE

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Nothing more rewarding than unleashing potential in learners – that includes teachers being willing to participate in their own continuous learning!

This blog will share learning curves - successes and lessons learned including student guest blogs.

As a Teacher-on-Assignment this coming 2019-2020 school year at RVIS in Bahrain, I've been asked to unleash and inspire New Media Literacies along with the use of storytelling across the curriculum. Also two powerful elements will be merged this coming year into a Maker Space Writer's Workshop inspired by Angela Stockman.

While I bring 50 years of experience and learning, good teaching is about continuously evolving. I'm highly aware there are still many things to learn this coming year as new media literacies are infused in the curriculum, going beyond technology activities and bringing a high return-on-learning [R.O.L.]

My teaching year in Bahrain will be a mighty challenge of mashing up old and new - expanding into new communication territories - pacing tool use with student interests - refreshing possibilities and continuously NOTICING what is working and what needs to work better in order to ensure learning curves for all of us become worthy - that's Teaching in Beta MODE.

Teaching in Beta Mode is about designing ideas, critiquing and refining until BRAINS and HEARTS of learners are on FIRE! Nothing more rewarding than unleashing potential in learners – that includes me learning along. It is an attitude towards new practices that expects problems and bugs. Beta MODE is less formal than "action research" with an approach of rapid prototyping and continuous reiterations until the highest benefits are delivered.

This is not new for me . . . I've always looked to new horizons and refreshing curriculum. After all these years - I still enjoy and crave the learning that is continuously demanded in order to improve on delivering the best for students. One memorable joyful experience was leading Sufferin Middle School, Ramapo NY students in building 3D StoryWorld in a virtual world called Second Life based-on Robert Frost's A Road Not Traveled. We plunged in . . . learned a LOT . . . and found many unexpected benefits never imagined. Click here for short article --> Digital StoryTelling in Second Life.

I expect the learning curves this coming year at RVIS to be rich and delicious! Student guest blogs will also be posted sharing their perspective and experience - that is what matters most!

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