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Literature Infographics - So Many Ways to Share Books

Book reports are a dead thing of the past - what purpose do they serve? what audience benefits? But expecting student writers to use new mediums to share the delight and adventure of favorite books brings a new art form to reading.

Literature Infographics is just ONE medium that we will incorporate this coming year. Check out this website for lots of other literature examples. It's a positive introduction to organize a gallery walk for observing, noticing, and giving feedback notes to existing literature infographics. Then summarizing and concluding with giving themselves advice for making their own. I will be encouraging my own students this year to create their own infographics, learning the craftsmanship of designing information along with visual storytelling . . . without spoilers, of course . . . as a kind of Public Service Announcement.

@ https://www.coursehero.com/infographics/

It is an opportunity to learn the art form [grammar - syntax - pychology of color and sumbolism etc.] of creating infographics just as their are for many other mediums. Expect infographic makers to have a purpose and an audience as well. But after the basics - invite learners into a very creative process, experimenting with color - space - symbolism and design elements that includes . . . lots of critical friend feedback, of course!


• So many digital tools and artful crafts available for enabling infographic-making. O what tools will be used? I want students to take an active part in selecting their tools but will begin a list of possibilities for them to consider. Suggestions welcome!

• Expect student writers to be guest bloggers here in near future sharing their experience along with their own literature infographics - it will be one of the quests they can complete for bonus points in our Gamified Independent Reading Challenge. Classes compete as a community against other classes with plenty of opportunities to diversify HOW and WHAT they choose for quests. Students are invited to "pitch" their own ideas for quest points as well. I know I will be learning a pile of new things including books I will need to be on my reading list!

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