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Learning Arabic - Brains on Fire

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Amazing APP - Shukran Lak!

Ta Da . . . I gave myself a goal of adding a few Arabic phrases and words to wake up cobwebs and also my tongue. I had a few words already in memory from a consulting trip long, long ago to work in an International School in Egypt. I fell enchanted with how the words seem to sing in your mouth. The word i fell most in love with was "Aywa" which in my ears sounded like they were saying the state where i was born -- IOWA! When i learned it meant "yes" with gusto, it made me and my Grandpa smile.

I am so impressed with this app! It is available in many other languages as well - and free! Nemo lets me adds words slowly - a few every day. It is soooo patient repeating the word as often as i like because my learning style and ears need it again and again. It's a good reminder of how it feels to be in unfamiliar territory and not mastering it very fast. There is also a very handy audio feature to test your own voice pronunciations against the teacher's voice. So far i am medium on most of the words being said correctly but . . . i am having a really fun time while learning at my own pace.

No . . . the goal of learning the Arabic written text NOT EVEN CLOSE to what i will attempt this year. But i am expecting to surprise my students by unexpectedly using an Arabic word or expression. I want them to know I'm a willing learning, too! Hopefully - inshallah - they will help me learn from them.

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