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It's ALL About the Shoes

Thought it might amuse friends to peek into the shoe packing. It is a significant part of the travel adventure for most of us. The GIF clip above is from Troop Beverly Hills - a great classic with Shelly Long. It seemed a perfectly logical to use her strategy of gathering all the shoes i wanna take . . . and then decide after calculating the colors of my clothes - the comfort of my feet and . . . the activities i expect to be part of doing this coming year in Bahrain.

My wall of shoes NOT purged yet - but like Shelly . . .

This is my wall of shoes so far even leaving many of them in my closet. And not all of these will likely make it. But i believe in going with my best hopes first and the wrestle with reality. I have two of five bags packed with classroom supplies, equipment, a five month supply of vitamins and herbs, books, large wall posters and home basics for the new pad.


For . . . the finale packing adventure! Send good vibes that everything will zip and be portable! HaHaHaHa

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