• Bernajean Porter

First Arabian Nights -Shahrazad Enchantment

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

A full desert moon greeted me the first Bahrainian night in my new villa - I felt its energy and hospitality - it felt a special sign that this adventure would be full of charm. The city has a special twinkle and glow against the dark night. Enchantment for this part of the world known for its tolerance and hospitality has created soooo much more joy than I imagined - and i am very good at imagining! It's a kind of home i always dreamed of!

Bahrain's Night Lights - Stunning against the desert sky!

First social the next day was in a local library cafe with all the hospitality that a new comer could want! I have truly landed in a magical place

Stay Tuned

Our Faculty Cook Off

Prepping My Room

EveryDay Surprises

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