Bernajean Porter brings over 40 years of joyful 

experiences working globally while teaching the 

wonders and possibilities of digital tools. AKA futurist, author of numerous books; featured speaker; media-making for home schooling and summer camps; in-school learning coach; vision-into-classroom-practices guide; hosting online graduate courses in "The Art of Multimedia Communications and Digital Storytelling" ; international speaker and consultant; speech and debate coach; media-maker of films, animations, visual storytelling, virtual worlds, and photo stories while exploring emerging technologies galore . . . renown as an enthusiastic promoter of ANYTHING increasing joy, spirit and outrageous possibilities in all aspects of life for kids and adults and now . . . 

  • Vision-Into-Classroom-Practices Guide

  • Digital Storytelling Coach 

  • Digital Know-How InfusionEducator

LIKES: Watching stars, designing group events, mountain living, learning anytime anywhere, moon glows, adventure travel, can-do attitudes, mangoes, magic, building community spirit, lilacs, ATV-ing Colorado mountain trails, a good storytelling - unleashing potential for learners and living life juicy!

DISLIKES: Rules of all kinds. Loose ends. Stale strawberry licorice. People insisting on having their negative and limiting beliefs about life and possibilities. Letting worst fears rule the day. Accepting narrow choices. And milking cows.

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Da Um Jeitinho – there is ALWAYS a way - let's make "IT" happen together!